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Private label


TOP-TEAM – your partner no. 1 in private labelling

We are in charge of more than 1.000 private label articles across all price segments. It is our credo, to adjust articles exactly to the positioning of the different brands, without losing the focus on the needs of our target group.
Long-time experience and quality orientation are our formula for success.

Together with our partner’s category management, we develop and supervise a wide product range, tailor-made to meet the expectations of our retail- and food service customers. We accompany our private label products during the entire product life circle – from the idea, into the shelf and beyond. As a registered TOP-TEAM supplier, you also got the possibility for a successful collaboration within the private label segment. Premise is a signed private label contract, which regulates all details of our cooperation.


Your advantage as private label supplier:

  • Constant notifications about purchase quantities to minimize your risk
  • Periodic invitation to tenders

  • Transparent calculation to work out our common optimization possibilities

  • Private label contract regulates all responsibilities distinctly

  • Learning effects with mutual benefit due to combined product development

  • Assumption of packaging- and marketing progress by TOP-TEAM to reduce your effort

  • Providing of QA audit results

  • Fair cooperation as essential key to success

  • International coordinated tender process to enable your access to new markets


TOP-TEAM brands  


natürlich für uns 
regional – seasonal – tasteful

Never change a winning team! “natürlich für uns” continues its very successful way within the organic segment in retail, as well as food service.

The “natürlich für uns” assortment provides a wide range of organic products of all article groups for all necessities.

Additionally, we are offering herb pots, garden soil as well as over 70 vegetable-, herb- and flower-seeds.

All „natürlich für uns“ producers and suppliers observe the organic EU-regulation..


UNIMARKT brands 


UNIpur stands for a comprehensive quality range with a focus on Austria with the best price-performance ratio. UNIpur is the first CO2-neutral price-performance brand in the D-A-CH area and offers enjoyment for the whole family at a family-friendly price. The growing variety of UNIPur products is tailored to the typical Austrian taste.


Transgourmet brands

Due to the collaboration with Transgourmet international, TOP-TEAM’s private label portfolio has massively increased. In addition to organic private label and entry price level, Transgourmet Austria targeted to establish a value-for-money brand, an exclusive premium brand, as well as a brand with highly valuable products for sustainable story telling.


Transgourmet Natura

With Transgourmet Natura, we are bringing a first-class, full range of organic products for “big” demands to every kitchen at an easily calculable price. The brand stands for the best quality of raw materials and certified production, and enables restaurateurs and caterers to fully meet the requirements of the EU organic regulation.

Product features:

  • High-quality products from all product areas manufactured in accordance with the specifications of the EU organic regulation
  • Controlled, guaranteed organic quality at a fair price-performance ratio
  • All products available in bulk
  • High ecological standards & absolute transparency


Transgourmet Vonatur 
conscious- originally – precious

2017 we extend the private label portfolio with products, that enable the caterers, to provide their guests with food related stories. Ethic, animal welfare, sustainability, regional reference, handicraft and taste are just a few keywords to describe this precious products.

Each product is considered from four dimensions:

  • Ethic and ecological aspects: sustainability – graded between GOOD, BETTER and BEST

  • Micro-origin: strong regional reference is claimed

  • Handicraft and tradition: traditional production methods with modern quality standards

  • Philosophy of the producer: manufactures with passion and true believe in their products 


The first Vonatur products are available at Transgourmet Austria since February 2017.



Transgourmet Premium 
inspiring – valuable – delightful

Transgourmet Premium products are of highly exquisite quality, but also convincing because of the stories behind their origin and production. The brand is dedicate to ambitious caterers, searching for highly delightful products and rare ingredients. Transgourmet Premium products are available within the exquisite Cook 2.0 assortment.



Transgourmet Quality 
valuable – various – reliable

Transgourmet Quality stands for brand quality with the best value for money. The delicate diversity fulfils the high standards of the food service customer. We are offering an extra wide range with a huge assortment of products. The product range is continuously extending and enhanced with innovations. Constant availability is always premise.


Transgourmet Economy 
good – practicable – affordable

Transgourmet Economy was developed as basic assortment with best prices. This products for the daily needs and their packaging are tailor-made to meet the needs of large-scale customers as well as caterers. 

⇒ TOPSELLER products will be continuously swapped with the new Transgourmet Economy products during the following months. We will pay attention not to change the established taste, price and quality.

Asaredo Beef

Asaredo Beef 
High quality for caterers

The brand “Asaredo Beef” stands for cattle breeds, adjusted for meat production. Climatically conditions in South America allow a year-round free-range breeding in natural surroundings.

Roast, filet, point steak or sirloin – Asaredo Beef does a great job on every menu, as the cutting is exactly defined for the caterer’s needs.
Obviously, the meat is free from hormones and antibiotics. 


Prime Beef


Prime Beef 
Highest quality to rely on.

With the purchase of “Prime Beef” our food service customers get highest quality, they can rely on a hundred percent. Each piece of meat from breeds like Hereford and Black Angus, is specified and carefully audited at the takeover.
The free-range beef was fed with grain and/or corn at least 100 days before slaughter. The high-quality beef distinguishes itself with a fine marbling, peerless tenderness and succulence, which is beyond compare.

On its oversea journey, the beef gets time to mature at a controlled temperature of 0° C.


  JAVA Premium coffee

First class coffee pleasure fulfils highest expectations.

Petit, fine, individual. Far from industrial production, we focus on handicraft tradition and coffee roasting in its most original way.
JAVA Premium coffee contains 100% premium Arabica-green coffee grades. The handpicked beans get a signature touch at our fine gourmet roast house in Bruck an der Mur. Exclusive, elegant and full-bodied..

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