Struktur neu Top Team

Company structure  


TOP-TEAM Zentraleinkauf is an independent, powerful and international acting purchasing organization with two stakeholders, each holding 50% of the company:

  • Transgourmet Holding AG and


TOP-TEAM Zentraleinkauf takes responsibility of the central purchasing for following companies:

  • Transgourmet Österreich
  • Unimarkt
  • UNI Großhandel Nah&Frisch
  • all members of Eurogast Austria
  • Lekkerland Österreich
  • Wedl Handels-GmbH
  • Hügli Nährmittel-Erzeugung Ges.m.b.H.
  • Gastro Profi GmbH
  • Riedhart Handels GmbH
  • unik GmbH


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