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Strategic core competencies of TOP-TEAM Zentraleinkauf GmbH


1. Negotiations of prices & conditions   TOP-TEAM 360° negotiating approach; multifaceted negotiations of prices, variable terms & conditions, fixed fees, performance benefits and much more based on the principle of quid pro quo.
2. International procurement   Procurement, directly from the producer, even at distant destinations; usage of a database with 11,000 international commodity indices as well as a tender platform; TOP-TEAM is well integrated into the Coop group network of manufacturing and trading companies.
3. Private label management   Development and support of all private label products of Transgourmet Austria, Unimarkt and Pfeiffer Nah&Frisch; project management, especially  conceptual development.
4. Quality assurance, quality management and sustainability  

Quality assurance for all private label and industrial brand products – from private label contracts, complaint processing to supplier audits; leadership of the ISO 50001:2011 energy management.

5. Data management / digitisation   Central article and supplier data management; use of a B2B portal for data recording by suppliers; additional services from business analysis to purchasing price monitoring.




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